B-50 Flemish Twist Bow String Custom Made

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B50 Colour 1
B50 Colour 2
B50 Colour 3
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The Flemish twist design is easier to adjust in length as it can be twisted tighter when the string stretches, and is easier to attach string silencers, such as fur silencers. B-50 string material is easier on the limb tips with more stretch.

Only strings with a strand count of 12, 15, 18 can be made in 3 colours, strings with 12, 14, 16, 18 can be made as 2 colours.
14, 16 strand strings will be made with the first 2 colours chosen.

Note: Order by string length not bow length.

15 strand .030 serving should give a good fit on classic nocks.
14 strand .022 serving should work on most carbon arrow nocks.

Strings will take about 24 hours to make depending on workload.