Masters of the Barebow Volume 2 DVD


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the key to accuracy.

Two hours of one-on-one instruction from:

    • IFAA World Champion and 3-time NFAA National Field Champion Ty Pelfrey reveals his incredibly accurate string walking discipline.
    • Barry Wensel celebrated whitetail expert shares his instinctive shooting technique for consistent bowhunting success.
    • Renowned self bowyer Gary Davis demonstrates his remarkable self bow accuracy.
    • 3-time IFAA Longbow Champion Larry Yien explains his unique “gap at bow” aiming method and defines his relaxed style of shot execution.
    • NFAA National Champion Lauren Van Cleave unravels the mystery of face walking.
    • Accomplished bow hunter Steve Fausel displays his smooth fluid Hill-style of shooting the longbow.
    • TV personality and World-Class Bowhunter Fred Eichler shows his proven formula for dependable shooting in the field.

Special Arrow Tuning Bonus Section!

      Paper, bare shaft, and group tuning by:


  • Ken Beck – Black Widow Bows
  • David Soza – DAS Kinetic Bows
  • Rod Jenkins – IBO World Champion